Achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals

Customized Training Programs that are designed to be temporary.

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Value of Our Program

  • Consultation to discuss lifestyle, goals and obstacles

  • Customized Training Programs

  • Use of Top-Tier Equipment

  • Non-Crowded Facility

  • NASM Certified Trainers

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Brooklynn King

"I’ve trained with Joel twice now and feel so comfortable at The YourLife Gym. He takes the time to make sure I understand the exercise and am using proper form and breathing. Everyone I’ve met at YourLife is super welcoming and kind. I start my day with fitness there!"

Kayla Lugo

"I’ve been training with Joel now for a little while. He knows his stuff, and he helps keep me motivated. Joel has become a constant positive thing for me and it’s a life changer. To be able to have a trainer that can help you physically and mentally is so refreshing. I leave my sessions feeling in a better mental condition. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who has struggled before with finding a gym that gets you. The staff here is amazing and the atmosphere is just… IT."

Anthony Cruz

"We had 2 consultations to talk about my goals and if this is right for me. Joel was 100% with me the entire time. He demonstrated exercises I had never done before. He tweaked my form and breathing techniques during my sets. He took into account everything I was saying as far as fatigue and energy level, and at the same time pushed me to get that 1 or 2 reps extra that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise."


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