The PT/PTA will offer therapeutic support to clients of the gym and/or other persons who have been directed to the clinic at YourLife.

Support may include but is not limited to:

• Traditional Physical Therapy services

• Deep Tissue Laser Treatments

• Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy Treatments

• Postural assessments for pre and post personal training and/or MFR

• Flexibility and/or strength assessments for pre and post training


Intro to Body Control - Don’t be fooled by the word “intro”. While this is an introductory class, you will work to master control techniques used in other classes.


FIT LIFE - Our supreme class of the week. It combines cardio and strength movements into a high intensity workout that will cause you to burn calories and torch fat all day long! While incorporating barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells, this class will have you feeling and looking fit IN NO TIME!


LIFT LIFE - This class works on improving flexibility, balance, cardio endurance muscle shape. and The exercises in this class will help with every day activities, reduce risk of injury and increase your quality of life.

SWEAT LIFE - This is an all out SWEAT sesh! Be prepared to grab your SWEAT towels within the first 5 minutes! During this 45 minute full-body class, jumping movements will be incorporated, but modifications will always be available! This class will incorporate dumbbells, slam balls, wall balls, and battle ropes.


Therapeutic Movement is a blend of physical therapy, postural exercises, gentle yoga-like positions, neurosensory exercises, and self-care fitness. The classes are theme-based and are led by a trauma-informed physical therapist offering a fun, unique, and personalized experience. 

Classes focus on self-myofascial release work, and can be used at the gym or at home. Utilizing therapy balls students can explore movement—as well as stillness—to work toward:

• Increasing the mobility of achy and stiff joints

• Improving body awareness

• Reducing pain, tension, and one’s response to stress

• Becoming lighthearted and playful

• Gaining stability within one’s core and joints

• Improving balance and posture