The PT/PTA will offer therapeutic support to clients of the gym and/or other persons who have been directed to the clinic at Your Life for a fee.

Support may include but is not limited to:

• Traditional Physical Therapy services

• Deep Tissue Laser Treatments

• Myofascial Release (MFR) Therapy Treatments

• Postural assessments for pre and post personal training and/or MFR

• Flexibility and/or strength assessments for pre and post training



Intro to Body Control - Don’t be fooled by the word “intro”. While this is an introductory class, you will work to master control techniques used in other classes.

Core Grind - A circuit class emphasizing core muscle reflexes, hip range of motion, and endurance

Torch - HIIT - This higher intensity, mixed-mode training class is designed to take more from those who are prepared to give it.

Cardio Kick & Core - This 45-60-minute course runs from introductory body control, brain stimulation, and cardiorespiratory exercise to more advanced combinations intended to make you a master of the space you occupy.


Therapeutic Movement is a blend of physical therapy, postural exercises, gentle yoga-like positions, neurosensory exercises, and self-care fitness. The classes are theme-based and are led by a trauma-informed physical therapist offering a fun, unique, and personalized experience. 

Classes focus on self-myofascial release work, and can be used at the gym or at home. Utilizing therapy balls students can explore movement—as well as stillness—to work toward:

• Increasing the mobility of achy and stiff joints

• Improving body awareness

• Reducing pain, tension, and one’s response to stress

• Becoming lighthearted and playful

• Gaining stability within one’s core and joints

• Improving balance and posture 

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