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A physical space integrated with a culture of compassion and transparency to transform the body and mind

The hustle life and “hard work” mindset have left many emotionally and mentally bankrupt. We prize accomplishment or image while our internal well-being suffers.

We forget that our mental well-being plays into so much more. Many are after that elusive unicorn—to feel mentally better about themselves by looking better.


If the mind is weak, it won’t matter how strong our body is, because we’ll continue to lack contentment and fulfillment in life. A body transformation may solve some problems, but not the deep-rooted seeds of depression and anxiety or every day battles like stress.


That’s why we believe people are most impacted when they’re engaged, not just physically, but mentally as well. Fitness is our instrument, but community and compassion bring the solidarity we need in a world reeling from the social impact of the pandemic.

Your mind is the battlefield.

Now reclaim YourLife.



Your life Knuckle Tattoo

When the pandemic began, Jake Luhrs watched the social impact create a large-scale crisis many didn’t know how to weather. People struggled to make ends meet amid an economic shutdown that fueled further social problems. He saw a divided country in pain, but talking about it helped no one. Action was needed.


Having seen much of America as the vocalist of Grammy nominated band, August Burns Red, Jake was used to hearing stories of poor mental health due to loneliness, isolation, and anxiety.


He became acutely aware that mental health dictates how we see ourselves and the world, in addition to determining our actions when confronted with life’s challenges. This led him to found the mental health organization, HeartSupport

Recognizing that one of the tactics he personally used for his own self-care and mental well-being was exercise, Jake hatched a plan to launch a gym to impact his local community. He wanted to step outside the box and create a gym where his clients would feel loved, accepted, and empowered. Utilizing his expertise from HeartSupport, Jake formulated his gym’s mission to emulate positivity, unity, and transformation.

Jake brought on Joel Chandler, a trainer of 11 years who applies his background in cultural anthropology to coach individuals. Joel uses his methodology to help clients realize that the world they build begins in their minds and only becomes reality through physical action.

Together we built the YourLife experience,

philosophy and “Studio XL” facility with a simple core principle—it's about people. 


The YourLife Gym is about you. 


Our goal is to have you become grounded in the understanding, that you have more to give if your body and mind are engaged together.




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