Meet our founder, Jake, and learn what makes YourLife different and better

The YourLife Gym Philosophy

When someone’s mental state is fragile, it doesn’t matter how strong their body is because they’ll continue to lack contentment and fulfillment in life. Physical transformation alone doesn’t help combat deep-rooted seeds of depression or anxiety intensified by daily stress and the division we see throughout the world. While the individual might look better and “together” on the outside, they may be falling apart and suffering in silence on the inside. 

At YourLife Gym, we’re more than just a fitness facility. We’re a community that values compassion, understanding, and support. We empower our members to not only improve their physical fitness but also build mental resilience, creating a space where everyone feels accepted and supported. 

Our facility is a safe and encouraging space where you can transform your body and mind. YourLife Gym is all about YOU. We meet you where you are in your fitness journey, providing physical, mental, and nutritional programs and tools to help you reclaim your life.

Our Founder’s Vision

Jake Luhrs, our founder and vocalist of the Grammy-nominated band August Burns Red, has traveled much of the USA and heard stories from people all over the country about their mental health struggles due to loneliness, isolation, and anxiety – much of which was exacerbated by the pandemic. He’s seen—and experienced first-hand—how the hustle life and hard work mindset can leave people emotionally and mentally bankrupt. 

With an acute awareness of how mental health issues impact how people see and react to themselves and the world, Jake founded the non-profit organization HeartSupport, a music-based community for mental health. Knowing how powerful exercise has been for elevating his own self-care and mental well-being, he hatched a plan to utilize his expertise from HeartSupport to launch a mental health gym where members feel loved, accepted, and empowered. 

That plan came to fruition, culminating in YourLife Gym—a fitness center unlike any other. Positivity, unity, and unconditional understanding are embedded here. YOU matter here. Welcome to YourLife!