A facility to support your mind, body & lifestyle goals

Our Facility

The YourLife Gym facility is equipped with more than just weight machines. Our philosophy is about building a community that is stronger both mentally and physically. We have created a space for you to feel welcome to put in the work your way! Read on to check out what YourLife Gym has to offer.

Welcome Center

Enter YourLife Gym and be greeted by a friendly staff member who will know your name and treat you like family. We also offer nutrition products and merch, just ask! And remember, a protein boost after your workout will help you build muscle and recover faster.

Free Weights

In our open gym area you will find a wide range of free weights available for use. Whether you’re into bench pressing, squats, deadlifts, or something else our free weight area supports it all. Get stronger your way and don’t be afraid to ask one of our certified trainers to spot you or check your form.

Strength Machines

Our gym is fully equipped with some of the world’s leading equipment from Arsenal Strength. These machines will help you target specific muscle groups with perfect form, and build a whole body workout that’s right for you. Show up and get ready to put in the effort, energy, time, and determination to achieve mental and physical greatness!

Cardio Equipment

Looking to get your sweat on with some intensive cardio work? Our facility has a room dedicated to cardio equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, low-impact elliptical machines, and more! Get your heart rate up and burn some galleries while you’re at it. We’ll have the towel ready when you come ready to sweat!

The War Room

Don’t let the name fool you, our War Room is designed to inspire and motivate you during your workout. The War Room hosts our group classes, but is available for use during your own workout session. Our group classes will help you get stronger, build endurance, maximize mobility, and increase flexibility. Be a part of the YourLife community!

Consult Room

Ready to talk nutrition, goals, and outcomes? Our facility has private consult rooms available where our expert team is ready to talk. Best of all we’re here to talk about whatever you need to get off your chest! Our private consult rooms are a great place to dig deep with a trainer to get stronger mentally and physically.