Look Good, Feel Good, and Build Strength to Support a Healthy Lifestyle at Lancaster's Top Gym

Physical Fitness & Strength Training

Strengthen your body your way. Whether you choose our open gym, group classes, semi-private training, or personal one-on-one training, you’ll benefit from our carefully chosen trainers’ expertise and experience. 

Our world-class trainers strive to help people thrive and grow. While they clearly love fitness, you’ll also learn they have hearts bigger than the gym. Each member of our staff has been hand-selected based not only on their education and credentials but also their strong commitment to helping people accomplish their fitness goals and vision for a healthier life physically and mentally.

As a member of YourLife Gym, you get top-tier service on every level. Browse our physical fitness programs below, and contact us today to get started!

Open Gym

Ready to put in the work and take control of your fitness destiny? Our gym has everything you need. Work out on your own terms with our knowledgeable always there to support and guide you.

Group Classes

All classes at YourLife Gym are taught by certified coaches with a wealth of experience and knowledge in physical training and exercise safety. From high-intensity workouts to foundational strength training classes to mobility sessions, you’ll find it all.

Semi-Private Training

If you want many of the benefits of personal training at a lower cost, this option is for you! You get a customized workout plan, and then your trainer-guided exercise sessions are held in a small-group setting with three other clients.

Personal Training

Become a better version of yourself with one-on-one attention from one of our expert trainers.  Through careful assessment and evaluation, you’ll gain a personalized plan that empowers you to weave physical and mental fitness into the fabric of your life — for the rest of your life.