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We offer personal and semi-private training, personal programming, group classes and nutrition plans!

Our personal training programs are designed to be temporary, and teach you autonomy over your fitness for the rest of your life. 


They are built from movement and lifestyle assessment, so that you completely understand how your training is woven into the fabric of your life. That way you never have to wonder again how it all works or what you should do.


Our experienced personal trainers want you to discover that while becoming a better version yourself does require commitment and tough love, it also requires compassion.

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We had 2 consultations to talk about my goals and if this is right for me. Joel was 100% with me the entire time. He demonstrated exercises I had never done before. He tweaked my form and breathing techniques during my sets. He took into account everything I was saying as far as fatigue and energy level, and at the same time pushed me to get that 1 or 2 reps extra that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.


I look forward to the rest of our time together and learning everything I can from him.  The gym environment is very welcoming and everyone respects the areas that are in use by others. The gym is not packed (my normal time is 10-11am) with people, most I've seen is 6-7 at a time. Equipment is top of the line and makes working out fun and easy with the ability to add variation to many movements!

Anthony Cruz

I’ve trained with Joel twice now and feel so comfortable at The YourLife Gym. He takes the time to make sure I understand the exercise and am using proper form and breathing. Everyone I’ve met at YourLife is super welcoming and kind. I start my day with fitness there!

Brooklynn King

I’ve been training with Joel now for a little while. He knows his stuff, and he helps keep me motivated. Joel has become a constant positive thing for me and it’s a life changer. To be able to have a trainer that can help you physically and mentally is so refreshing. I leave my sessions feeling in a better mental condition. I highly recommend this gym to anyone who has struggled before with finding a gym that gets you. The staff here is amazing and the atmosphere is just… IT.

Kayla Lugo



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