Personalized Nutrition Coaching for Optimal Health & Fitness Performance

Nutrition Coaching & More

No body is the same, and every individual’s nutritional needs for peak physical and mental performance are different from the next person’s. With our Customized Nutrition Coaching Program, you get a nutrition plan designed specifically for YOU, as well as ongoing support and encouragement from an experienced nutrition coach. 

Our trainers have a certification in nutrition and coaching! They have the expertise and experience to develop an effective food plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your health, wellness, and fitness goals.

At YourLife Gym, we believe the old adage holds true: You can’t out work a bad diet. And when you combine smart nutrition with a committed exercise regimen and a healthy mindset you’ll set yourself up to be the best that you can be!

Customized Nutrition Coaching Includes

  • A consultation with one of our certified nutrition coaches
  • A fully customized nutrition plan created for meeting your specific goals
  • Weekly and monthly check-ins from your coach
  • ​15 meal prep containers and a food scale to get you started
  • Monthly InBody scans to analyze your body composition and track your progress

Available Nutrition Supplements

Want to fuel up before or replenish your energy stores after an all-out workout in our gym or an intense class? We sell nutritional supplements by the scoop on-site.

  • Protein Powder
  • Pre-Workout Nutrition
  • Powdered Carbo Hydrate

We also have a ready supply of high-quality meat sticks, bars, and hydration options available for purchase. Just ask!