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1. How many times a week should I work out?

The best way to determine how many days a week you should exercise depends on two things: your goals and how much time you have available to honestly commit to a program. To guarantee that you start seeing changes, 2-3 days per week of resistance training is a great place to start.


2. Should I do cardio?

The heart is a muscle just like those in your legs. Because your circulatory system—everything that pumps and delivers blood to your body—is so involved in all your fitness activities.

The more you expose it to workloads that demand it to be stronger, the better it will facilitate good performance in all areas of your life. Depending on the design and objective of your exercise program, you may not have to do any “cardio” at all.


3. How do I lose weight?

Weight is lost by not meeting your body’s energy needs to support its functions and activity levels. If you undereat the amount of calories you need to maintain those, then you will lose weight.

The obstacle people face is that they have a hard time finding a sustainable way to restrict calories for an extended period of time without losing their minds. A structured training program and attention to nutrition habits are the best way to ensure you lose weight.


4. How do I gain weight?

Assuming your goal is to build muscle, you must be on a progressive resistance training program. If you’re doing this and still not gaining weight, then you have to eat more food. If you think you’re eating enough but aren’t gaining, then you’re not eating enough.


5. How long should I rest between sets?

Rest periods are determined by the intensity of your working sets. The heavier the load, the more rest you will need. 1-2 minutes if your goal is building muscle, and up to 3-5 minutes if your goal is maximal strength.

6. How can I get visible abs?

Everybody has abs. You can increase their prominence by developing them with resistance training, but your overall body fat percentage will determine whether or not they are visible.

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