Jake Luhrs


My name is Jake Luhrs, I am the founder of The YourLife Gym. I started a mental health non-profit called HeartSupport in 2011, which is an online community to help engage people with their mental health challenges. I had the idea of connecting physical and mental health during the pandemic, and opened The YourLife Gym in November 2020.

I have been the vocalist of a Lancaster based, twice Grammy nominated metal band called August Burns Red for almost 20 years. When I am not touring, I like to spend time working out, playing airsoft, watching hockey or hanging out with my family.

Exercise has been a great help for my mental health and longevity in being able to achieve goals for my life: performing on stage, playing airsoft or ice hockey, and a newly driven passion to learn Jiu Jitsu! 

The gym has always been my “therapy” as it gives me a place to spend time decompressing from life’s ups and downs, to put myself as a priority and commit to an act of self-care. I genuinely feel better after working out, and have made some lifelong friends there.

I’ve toured the world going to different gyms and wanted to create a space where people could be themselves, and grow at their own pace within a clean and healthy environment. The goal for this gym is to give people the tools, resources  and community to help transform their mental and physical health!