Personal Trainer
Nutrition Coach

I’m Nate, a NASM certified personal trainer and a nutrition coach here at YourLife.

​Physical health became a passion of mine after battling Lyme Disease and other complications for a decade, and mental health became huge for me after struggling with it significantly since I was a teen.

​I spend most of my free time exercising, doing harsh vocals or other music projects, being outdoors (when it’s warm), and chilling with my gecko Lip.

When I joined YourLife in 2020, I was dealing with traumas and PTSD from recent events, and the gym quickly became a safe space for me. I felt welcomed, known, and supported. I’ve been a part of many gyms and none came even close to impacting me the way YourLife has.

This gym has changed my life and I’ve seen it have the same effect on many others at the gym time and time again. I love being part of our awesome community!