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YourLife Gym Gold membership


T Mobile

The Gold Membership—brought to you by T-Mobile—gives back to the community of Lancaster.

T-Mobile aims to support the community and help the people of Lancaster in their efforts to become healthier, both physically and mentally, by offering memberships to The YourLife Gym. 

Because of the previous year and a pandemic, physical and mental health have been in rapid decline.

T-Mobile sees The YourLife Gym as an environment that cares about healing, transformation, and mental well-being and is partnering to take proactive steps toward that end. 

How does it work?

Fill out the application below.
If chosen to receive a Gold Membership, T-Mobile pays for the first three months of the gym membership.

Should you wish to continue the membership after three months, you’ll pay half of the cost ($25), while T-Mobile will pay the other half ($25)

If you do not wish to continue the membership, you may cancel at no charge.

We’re certain you’ll enjoy the community, equipment, and atmosphere at The YourLife Gym. Each class is designed to motivate, encourage, and support individuals to pursue their best life in fitness and health.

Each membership exchange requires mandatory attendance at the HeartSupport mental health classes. T-Mobile understands the connection between the physical and mental, so you may attend in person or via Zoom once a week.

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